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Whiten Your Teeth by Eating Apples

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A smile enhances your face value and more so if it is backed by healthy sparkling teeth. But you just can’t do without those steaming cups of tea/coffee. They are that indispensable to you – you highly need them to stimulate you, to get you going and to brighten up your day. One of the consequences of this indulgence: over a period of time you will develop stains on your teeth, which will dull your smile.

Easiest way to fight this stain – try this good old but a highly effective home remedy. woman eating appleBite into a juicy apple after lunch. Your teeth will look noticeably whiter!

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2007 Dentistry Awards in UK

By: Ivan Cuxeva Jr
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When it comes to excellent dental service all clients expect the best possible treatment and practice which would match the prices paid for such procedures. While most dental procedures are covered by health insurance companies other treatments which are equally important such as cosmetic dentistry are not covered by insurance companies so it goes without saying that must of the money (if not all) comes from the client's pocket.

Dental treatments and cosmetic procedures which are performed in countries where the life style doesn't tend to be expensive provide good services but our expectations are much higher when it comes to well known and established companies within countries such as UK.

The United Kingdom has an average population of 60.5 million people according to the 2006 mid-estimate and among the largest cities within that country we have London, Liverpool, Manchester and several others. The Great Manchester urban area has an approximate 2.2 million people; with such large numbers it is obvious that we can find many dentists and private clinics which offer services to locals.

The competition in the dental field has increased which is a good thing for people living in UK, particularly in the Great Manchester area. While the increased competition can drive the cost of dental procedures down, the service quality is not guaranteed in most places this is why private dentistry awards are held every year to give special recognition to those private practitioners which offer patients the best service using the latest technology available. {Read From Original Source....} is provides more information on teeth whitening and dental implants. Learn why Kiss Dental has been recognized as one of the best dentists in Manchester, visit us today!

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Miami Teeth Whitening - What Options are Available

Added August 24, 2008

Miami Teeth Whitening - What Options are Available Locally?

If you've been considering teeth whitening to improve your smile's appearance, there are many Miami teeth whitening products and services available locally. Knowing your different options is important to choosing the "right" one for you.

There are many different types of services available to you but until you check them out you won't know which service is the best one for you. Many different benefits are available to you with a brighter smile so do your best to explore the different options available to you in the Miami area.

If you don't know what all is available in different teeth whitening options, you may decide not to have your teeth whitened. When you choose from local Miami teeth whitening options you can find the right one for you and enjoy your brightened smile. You can even find over the counter products that will allow you to whiten your teeth at home. These products are available at your local Miami grocery and drug stores. The least expensive but still effective options are the over the counter products. The over the counter options are generally bleaching gels with low amounts of concentrated bleach. Whether it be trays, strips or paint on gel you may be able to find a product for you at a local grocery or drug store. {Read From Original Source....}

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Author: John Mann

Whiten Your Teeth: Zoom Before and After Pictures

Are you wondering just how white the Zoom in-office whitening system can get your teeth, here is a great video that shows some patient examples. Keep in mind that as with any whitening system, results may very with different people.

Watch Video: Whiten Your Teeth: Zoom Before and After Pictures

Watch Video on : Zoom Tooth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening - The Easiest Way to Enhance Your Smile

Teeth Whitening

One the easiest and most cost effective methods to change your smile is tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening has become increasingly popular in the past 10 years. There is a lot of confusion about the methods out there but I will try to make sense of if for you. There are essentially 4 methods of whitening and we will discuss the pros and cons of each method.

The first method is the over-the-counter product. The main advantage is the lower cost, however because there is no professional supervision, the results are very inconsistent.
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Can My Dentist Improve My Smile?

From subtle changes to major repairs, your dentist can perform a variety of procedures to improve your smile. There are many techniques and options to treat teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen or missing. Your dentist can reshape your teeth, close spaces, restore worn or short teeth or alter the length of your teeth. Common procedures include bleaching, bonding, caps, crowns, veneers, and reshaping and contouring.

These improvements are not always cosmetic. Many of these treatments can improve oral problems, such as your bite.


Bleaching is a common and popular chemical process used to whiten teeth. Some people get their teeth bleached to make stains disappear, while other just want a whiter shade.
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Tip of the Day
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Eating enough protein and pumping enough iron may be a good strategy for helping to control your blood sugar.

Why Do We Laugh?

Posted by: OmarLee on Friday, October 10, 2003 - 06:48 PM

The reasons we laugh, including "contagious" laughter, may be products of evolution.

Natural laughter is a two-part, spontaneous, response to humor, that has physiological, psychological, and physical benefits.
Most agree that we laugh when we find something to be humorous, yet different reasons exist for what we find to be humorous. Additionally, different things are humorous to us at different stages of life.

Laughter, a physiological response to humor, can be broken down into two parts.

The first is a set of gestures, and the second is the production of sound. The brain forces to conduct both responses simultaneously. From a physiological standpoint, a "sensor" in the brain responds to laughter by triggering other neural circuits in the brain, which, in turn, generate more laughter.

Oddly enough, laughter is an orderly response, and almost occurs "spontaneously" during pauses at the end of phrases, earning it the name the punctuation effect. Human beings are the only species capable of laughter, and the average adult does so approximately 17 times per day. {Read From Original Source....}

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Beverly Hills Tooth Whitening - How Come All the Stars Have White Teeth?

By: Oliver Turner

Tooth whitening at present has become a popular program in cosmetic dentistry. In the Beverly Hills area, renowned cosmetic specialists claim to provide its clients with perfecta teeth whitening. Beverly Hills teeth whitening treatment is a wonderful way of dealing with the horrible consequences of yellow teeth. According to a local media, the professional Beverly Hills teeth whitening system has discovered amazing innovations in their teeth whitening products. Through intelligent and science driven research, Beverly Hills teeth whitening treatments are famous in the world of cosmetic dentistry, and their bleaching spas’ offers the renowned Brite Smile teeth whitening treatment.

In the BriteSmile procedure, a tooth whitening gel is applied and the blue light is set in place and the whole procedure takes an hour to get that perfecta teeth whitening. All the Beverly Hills teeth whitening or bleaching spas’ are well equipped with TV and a set of headphones, etc for its customers to enjoy while the treatment is on. The American Dental Association published a journal that stated that the BriteSmile tooth whitening system is gentle on the teeth and therefore it is safest and effective and its results last for years.

The professional dentists of Beverly Hills teeth whitening system use both in-office and at-home whitening system to achieve that perfecta teeth whitening. In the in-office system, four to six shades of color change are noticed in the teeth almost within an hour. In At-home systems, results are noticed in one to two weeks. The cost of in-office Beverly Hills teeth whitening ranges between $500 and $1100, and the At-home systems cost ranges between $400-$800.

Media news have telecasted that participants of the hit television shows like Extreme Makeover™ and other stars come to Beverly Hills and do their teeth whitening from the leading cosmetic dentists. The innovative methods adopted by the Beverly Hills teeth whitening system are attracting numerous people to perform their tooth whitening from the cosmetic dentists in order to achieve that brite smile.

We have made a research to find the best teeth whitening products. Find it only on the San Diego teeth whitening, Beverly Hills and more – The teeth whitening source.

All about teeth whitening on LeanderNet -

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Major Advantages of Laser Teeth Whitening Procedure

By: Lesley Lyon

Laser teeth whitening is a technique used by most of the dentists to bleach or whiten the teeth. Healthy teeth play a greater part in keeping good health
. Tooth whitening by laser is one of the most common methods adopted by many people since it is efficient, quick and painless. If a person wants to whiten the teeth for the first time and get quick results, laser teeth whitening is the best-suited method.

There are several factors that make the teeth yellow, age being the most common one. This, unfortunately, cannot be avoided but the teeth can be whitened regularly. Smoking and caffeine in coffee and tea are also some of the contributing factors.

Laser teeth whitening is done painlessly and briskly and once laser treatment is finished, the teeth are many folds whiter than before. In this process, a rubber cap is placed to protect the gums from the laser. Then the bleaching agent is applied as a layer. Now, the light of laser is applied on the teeth, which removes the stains and brightens the color of the teeth. This is a long process of many sittings for those who get ugly stains on the teeth with tobacco or cigarette smoking. This is a professional job to be done by a dentist alone and is very expensive.

Laser tooth whitening involves mainly two steps, one is teeth cleaning in which the dentist removes the plaque and germs present in the teeth that have a major effect in the whitening process. Next is the application of gel and laser treatment when the dentist applies the gel and positions the teeth for laser treatment. In fact, the laser enhances and makes the whole process faster so that it produces results in a matter of seconds. Sometimes the session may be needed to be repeated in extreme cases of tooth discoloration.

The advantage of laser tooth whitening is that generally one visit will suffice to get a bright smile and the disadvantage is that it is more expensive than any other method. . The price also varies with the condition of the teeth. If there are more stains and yellow color the cost may be more. Studies by manufacturers show that the laser teeth whitening are as safe and effective as a high-speed drill for removing dental decay and preparing a cavity for a filling. Laser teeth whitening uses a hydrogen peroxide based bleaching gel. It has 32% hydrogen peroxide concentration and a pH of 7. This active ingredient is responsible for tooth whitening by releasing enormous amount of oxygen to the enamel to make it lighter in color.

Some of the tips to maintain healthy teeth are to brush the teeth after every meal or at least the mouth should be rinsed with water. The teeth should be brushed and flossed in the morning and evening. Undergoing regular checkups can prevent cavity damage and gum disease.

Just brushing the teeth twice a day yields such a big benefit of giving a great look, a healthy body and a beautiful smile.

Author Resource:- Find informative articles on tooth whitening procedures on The website,
carries comprehensive info related to dental insurance.

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Teeth Whitening, the Plain Truth

Virtually everyone wanting to brighten their smile can benefit from teeth whitening. Patients with teeth that are discolored due to age, smoking or other extrinsic staining factors are excellent candidates for teeth whitening. Research indicates that teeth whitening is completely effective in more than 78% of people. As teeth whitening continues to grow in popularity, research continues into all types of whitening systems.

Teeth whitening is not permanent, and works by removing the organic materials in the enamel by dissolving them with a peroxide derivative. Also, teeth whitening is only effective if there is a lot of enamel.

There are two principle forms of teeth whitening: professional whitening and teeth whitening kits.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The most effective and safest method of teeth whitening is the dentist-supervised procedure. First, the dentist will determine whether you are a candidate for teeth whitening and what type of whitening system would provide the best results. The dentist should also go over what you personally can expect for your individual situation. Before the teeth whitening treatment, most dentists clean the teeth, fill any cavities, and make sure the patient's gums are healthy.

Dentists will usually advise trying teeth whitening first, to avoid the need for more complex cosmetic work. Complications that can occur in professional teeth whitening are infrequent and are usually minor in nature. Overall, teeth whitening under professional supervision is an effective method for whitening the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Kits

An alternative method to professional teeth whitening is to use a teeth whitening system or kit. Most teeth whitening systems consists of a whitening gel that is placed in mouthpieces that fit over your teeth for various amounts of time. On average, quality teeth whitening kits cost approximately $500 to $800. Budget teeth whitening systems start at around $29.95, though they are generally less effective.
The American Dental Association has granted its seal of approval to some teeth whitening products, so be sure and look for the ADA mark of approval if you are going to purchase a whitening kit. It is important that the manufacturer’s directions are followed precisely when using an at home teeth whitening kit. Also, do not use a teeth whitening product for more than 14 days without consulting a dental professional.

Disadvantages and Limitations of Teeth Whitening

Although teeth whitening is very effective, there can be short term disadvantages, such as sore gums or sore teeth from the bleach. Crowns, bridges, bonding, and fillings only return to their original coloring; they do not lighten any further with professional teeth whitening. Different stains require different solutions, therefore it is important to have a consultation with an oral health professional before trying a teeth whitening product.

While teeth whitening does create brighter smiles, some people’s expectations are very high and they are disappointed with the results.

Research continues into all types of whitening systems. Due to its effectiveness, teeth whitening is sure to continue to grow in popularity. Regular professional teeth cleaning by your dentist will help support the lasting success of teeth whitening.

Consider teeth whitening if your teeth are darkened from age, coffee, tea or smoking.

Author: Jon Leger
Jonathan Leger runs a website devoted to the latest in dental care. It has a section dedicated to tooth whitening

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The Famous Hubble Telescope Images And Photographs: Famous Hubble Telescope Images~The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) and Companion Galaxy

The Famous Hubble Telescope Images And Photographs: Famous Hubble Telescope Images~The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) and Companion Galaxy

Modern Ways to Achieve the Perfect Smile

Everyone desires to have a great smile. For a killer smile, one should have sparkling, bright, and shiny teeth.

Today, a lot of people are spending more money just to have their teeth whiter. They make use of the best teeth whitening treatments and undergo procedures to achieve the brilliant white teeth.

Teeth whitening had been an effective procedure to lighten the color of the teeth, without taking away any of the tooth surface. It will not completely whiten the whole set of teeth; it will just lighten the existing color of the teeth.

Only a few are blessed with pearly white teeth, and our teeth normally become discolored as we grow up.

Our teeth can also be stained on the outer part because of the food and drink. Coffee, tea, blackcurrant and red wine have effect on the discoloration of our teeth. Smoking is another cause of teeth discoloration. Most people may encounter staining beneath the surface which is caused by tiny cracks in the teeth or certain antibiotics that absorb the stains.

But what are these teeth whitening treatments and procedures? And are these done?


This is most common form of teeth whitening procedure. Your dentist will advice you if this is the best teeth whitening treatment suitable for you.

Bleaching is done by placing a gel or rubber to shield the soft tissue of your gums. Then, the whitening product will be applied on your teeth by using a special tray which shapes into your mouth like a gum shell.

The teeth whitening product usually contains carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide as the 'active ingredients'. When these ingredients break down, the oxygen enters the enamel of your teeth, thus, making the color lighter. The entire treatment can be completed in three to four weeks time.

For those who wish to undergo to this treatment, you will need at least three visits to the dentist. On your first visit, the dentist will create a mouth-guard and take a caricature or impressions of it. Once the treatment has started, it is recommended that you continue it at home. You have to regularly apply the teeth whitening product over four weeks, for at least 30 minutes at a time.

Most of the known and best teeth whitening products can be applied for up to several hours at a time. The treatment can be done even while you're sleeping. Ideally, a good result can be attained in as little as one week.

Laser Whitening.

This is also called the "power whitening". Though expensive, a lot of people, especially artists, consider it as the best teeth whitening method.

During this process, a rubber dam is placed over your teeth to shield the gums, and the whitening product is then painted on your teeth. A laser will be used to stimulate the chemical. The light will help boost the chemical reaction of the bleaching product, thus the color change can be attained more rapidly.

Dentists believe that the result of laser whitening treatment is good. It can make your teeth up to six shades lighter.

Unfortunately, not everyone can get a chance to undergo laser treatment. The dentist will have to check your teeth and ensure that you are fit for the treatment. The total procedure is usually done in an hour.

The effects of this power whitening is said to last up to three years depending on the person. The dentist still advice not to smoke, eat and drink products that may cause a stain in your teeth. Others may find their teeth vulnerable to cold after the treatment. But these symptoms usually vanish within a few days.

These are just two of the famous and best teeth whitening methods available. Despite the fact that they may cost a lot, the effect is still worth it. Through these methods, you'll surely flash everyone a perfect smile.

Article Source: JWA

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Teeth Whitening: At-Home Tray Whitening Is Safe And Effective

Everybody is born with a wonderful set of white teeth, which add to your beauty when they are exposed by your smile, while talking or eating. Depending upon our lifestyles, upon what we eat and how and with what we brush our teeth, changes occur and the teeth become dull, yellow, grey or even black (this is particularly when the person smokes a lot as nicotine tents to deposit itself on the back and sometimes even on the front of the teeth). There are indeed many ways by which teeth can be whitened.

There are home bleaching products that work very well if you cannot afford to pay the costs related with a dentist. Teeth may stain because of intrinsic stains or due to independent factors. Intrinsic stains happen from inside the teeth and are not removable by merely brushing or flossing and even bleaching may be ineffective. External staining may be due to smoking cigarettes, cigars, or, drinking coffee as well as consuming particular spicy foods. You might be able to remove such stains through constant brushing or through professional cleaning.

Ever since the mirror was first invented, which gave man the opportunity to take a look at his bleaching products, people have become obsessed with having whiter teeth. Over the period of the last century more and more dental products have begun to hit the market and it is always improving. There are many teeth whitening products out there on the market now yet some of them are completely useless.

Several Choices to Consider

Nite White and Day is an example of a teeth whitening system that will improve your teeth by bleaching them to help lighten discolorations. Teeth whitening is an operation of bleaching that eliminates or lessens marks as well as expunges stains from the teeth's enamel and dentin. One may work a mild solution kept in a convention held appliance and, wear this over the teeth while sleeping or during the day. A polyethylene tray can be made to fit on a persons teeth where, bleaching agents are placed inside the tray after slipping it into place. The benefit of such trays is enormous. There are many teeth whitening gels on the market that contain some extremely strong bleaching agents that can work wonders for people who have discolorations in their teeth.

People also go for teeth whitening and bleaching system before they marry for the same reasons. The whitening of the teeth makes one more confident and happy about oneself. The beautiful set of teeth makes the smile dazzling in the real sense of the word. Hence, the attraction between the husband and wife will be enhanced too.


Ann Merier writes articles about the home and family health in general. Her many article topics include mothers day,diabetes,detox diet,yoga,pilates exercise

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How To Save Money On Professional Teeth Whitening

Have you been considering getting your teeth professionally whitened? This is become more and more common recently with major advances being done in the area of teeth whitening by dentists.

Did you know that you can have your teeth whitened at home also? You can buy a home a teeth whitening kit at most any major department store such as Wal-Mart, K-mart, etc. many people want to know which works better, the home teeth whitening kit or having your teeth whitened at the dentist?

I can tell you right now that the general consensus is that the dentist wins hands down. Have you ever heard the old saying, "you get what you pay for"? Well, that's exactly right. There's nothing wrong with a home teeth whitening kits, they just don't work as well as having your teeth done by a professional.

One way that you might be able save a few dollars by getting professional teeth whitening done is by becoming a member of a dental discount plan. Dental discount plans, also known as discount dental plans, or simply a savings plan that enables you to save 10 to 60% off of everyday dental procedures by being a part of their network. Not all plans cover cosmetic dentistry, such as teeth whitening, however, those that do can save you a substantial amount of money, normally much more than what you would pay for the plan on an annual basis.

The cost of these plans starts at about $80 annually for an individual and around $150 annually for entire family. These costs cover most standard dental procedures and will allow you and your family to save on every visit that you have two the dentist, both minor and major procedures, for the next entire year. If you've been considering getting your teeth professionally whitened, or having any other dental procedure done in the near future, I highly recommend that you get more information about dental discount plans.

About The Author

Joe Stewart is a former health insurance agent that now helps others by providing expert information. Watch the new video "Discount Dental Plans vs Dental Insurance" by visiting right now!

This article was posted on June 30, 2007

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Looking For A Good Teeth Whitening Products?

Professional teeth whitening is becoming the increasingly popular choice for anybody with stained teeth. Beverly Hills teeth whitening has become the nation's way of dealing with the horrible consequence of yellow teeth. Different methods of teeth whitening methods are applied by dentists that depend on the type of stains and other physical conditions of the teeth.

Some of the teeth whitening options are over-the-counter whitening systems; dentist dispensed at-home products, laser tooth whitening method; Loaded Tray Teeth Whitening method and in-office whitening methods.

The simple and straightforward method of tooth whitening is the use of over-the-counter topical teeth whitening products that includes whitening toothpastes and gels, whitening strips, a band aid containing peroxide to place directly on the teeth, are most effective among all other over-the-counter products. Continue using products such as whitening floss, mouth rinse, whitening strips and whitening toothpastes to make the whiteness of your teeth last longer.

These whitening strips can be purchased online or at your local pharmacy and can effectively raise the whiteness in your teeth by several shades. Having established that your teeth are clean and that professional teeth whitening is the right treatment for you, the dentist will show you the different shades of whiteness that can be achieved with professional teeth whitening.

People who are problem-free when it comes to money usually opt for a professional teeth whitening treatment because they just don't want to deal with the hassle of doing the treatment themselves when they don't need to.

If you seem to have problems about doing the whole teeth whitening treatment yourself, nervous about side effects and you have cash to spare for additional expenses then certainly, it's more preferable if you let the experts take over and have the dentist take control of the whole teeth whitening procedure.

However, if you are confident about applying the treatment yourself and are prepared to finish the whole treatment without expecting instant results, home teeth whitening systems can be a cost effective way to achieve that celebrity look.

Now, before you purchase any do it yourself teeth whitening kit, make sure that you search and browse for consumer reviews first so you'd have an idea about which teeth whitening product is reportedly the most effective in provides results in the shortest time possible.

Author: Linda A

Linda A owns and operates Teeth Whitening
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Teeth Whitening To Sparkle Like The Stars

Like many other industries including fashion, beauty, hair and now teeth whitening the trends are mainly driven by the latest look and with glossy magazines and TV makeover programmes making a lucrative industry out of it has driven people to desire the latest look to improve their image and make them feel better about themselves and increase their self confidence. Just recently Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife Brigitte Nielsen has publicly had laser teeth whitening on TV along with other treatments and many other TV stars are looking at their teeth as the way to improve their smile and enhance their face.

For many years people have yearned to have the bright white teeth like the stars and particularly like huge stars including Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Simon Cowell to name a few. In reality most people's teeth can be whitened using many teeth whitening options including laser teeth whitening or Zoom whitening as it is known, the bleaching trays like the dentists offer or the teeth whitening strips which are sold in the USA. The effects are much long lasting than any other procedure. If one needs to have perfect teeth whitening, then one can go for the option of filling the gaps between the teeth with porcelain veneers.

One can get a complete smile makeover with the help of these porcelain veneers. A great smile is a valuable asset, particularly when you meet someone the first time. Many studies show that tooth whitening is both effective and safe. It is recommends that if someone chooses for teeth whitening then one should only do so after a consultation with a dentist or teeth whitening professional.

The first thing that you notice to a person when having a conversation is their teeth. Healthy bright white teeth always get special and extra attention. Many people have gained stained teeth by the likes of coffee, tea, red wine, gravy, nicotine and gravy and over a period of time causes the enamel on the teeth to stain and discolour. Teeth whitening essentially removes the stains by getting deep in to the enamel and by using the zoom teeth whitening or laser teeth whitening the stains can be removed in one hour and this is extremely interesting for time precious people. Historically the only viable option for whitening teeth involved the skills of a cosmetic dentist, was time consuming, uncomfortable and extremely costly.

More recently the process of whitening teeth has in some instances become quicker and cheaper with one hour and viable home based options being available and if you want instant results is most probably the best solution for most people. So a combination of additional publicity combined with lower prices and high quality treatment it is no wonder the teeth whitening industry is getting so much attention and customers are getting the best of both worlds!

Author: Jay Edwards

The authors runs a website that offers great advice on teeth whitening visit or for the latest in teeth whitening

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Miami Teeth Whitening - How Do You Find the Right Product or Service For You?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Miami Teeth Whitening - How to Choose the Right Option For You in Miami

If you live in the Miami area and you're interested in teeth whitening, there are a number of different options available to you. One option is professional teeth whitening like laser treatments or concentrated bleaching gel treatments available at your local dentist's office.

Many dentists provide professional Miami teeth whitening and if you need to find a dentist in your area that does so, you can contact the South Florida District Dental Association for more information. They can be contacted here:

South Florida District Dental Association
420 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 2E
Coral Gables, FL 33146

There are also a number of different do-it-yourself teeth whitening products available in your local Miami supermarket or drug store. Many of these products are effective but how are you supposed to know just which one will work best for you?

There are many different types of services available to you but until you check them out you won't know which service is the best one for you. There are benefits to a whiter smile so finding out all you can about the treatments available to you in your local Miami area is important for you to get the maximum benefits of a whiter smile.

Generally speaking, the professional teeth whitening services available at your dentist's office are the fastest acting and give the best results. But the drawback to these services is their price tag. They are usually quite expensive, with the national average being around $650.

The at-home products available at local retail stores can give decent results, but again how do you know which ones are best for you.

One of the best solutions I've found that balances cost with good results are some of the products available online. Some of these products offer a FREE trial where you only pay a small shipping and handling fee. That way you can see just how effective the treatments work for a small out of pocket expense.

So with all things considered, a product available online just might be your best option for Miami teeth whitening.

With so many different options available for Miami teeth whitening today, it's hard to know which product or method to choose.

Visit to get information on how to pick the right one for you and to see how you can get a FREE trial of a product called Ivory White.

Author: John Mann
Article Source:

Miami Teeth whitening doctors & providers

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What Are The Best Teeth Whitening Options?

Every one wants a whiter brighter smile. Due to age, smoking or caffeine, teeth can end up stained and yellow looking. Putting up with discolored teeth is a thing of the past and so is hiding your smile. With so many different options available, it is possible to find teeth whitening systems to suit anyone and any budget.

Before trying any teeth whitening options, it is advisable to seek the opinion of an oral health care professional who can advise you on which teeth whitening products are the best option for you and your teeth. Below are some of the many options that are available so that you can compare teeth whitening systems.

Laser Bleaching

There are a few popular laser-bleaching methods available. Feed back from other users is quite positive. Laser bleaching is a recommended procedure by oral heath professionals as well as many users.


Zoom is a laser whitening gel with a special light that penetrates the teeth, breaking up stains and teeth discoloration, treatments take around 1 hour. The results of this treatment are immediate. This type of teeth whitening system is approved by many oral health care professionals and is done under their supervision. Zoom is very safe with very few complications or side effects and relatively painless. Whiteness will vary among different people depending on the structure and condition of teeth before the procedure.

Brite Smile

Brite smile is another laser bleaching system that uses the same type of products as Zoom. A whitening gel is applied to the teeth then a blue laser light is applied under direct supervision of an oral health care professional. This procedure is very safe with very few complications or side effects. Treatment will take about an hour and results can be seen immediately.


Bleaching is a popular method of teeth whitening using peroxide as the whitener. This is a popular and effective method that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

Night Guard Bleaching

Night Guard is a bleaching system that can be done at home. A whitening solution, usually peroxide, is placed in a tray that resembles a mouth guard. This tray is custom fitted for each person to avoid discomfort while the tray is in use. This custom fitting is usually performed by an oral health professional. Solutions vary in strength and the amount of time the night guard is worn varies, too, depending on the teeth whitening procedure that you choose. An application may take between 1 hour or over night. An oral health care professional will discuss the best procedure for you based on tooth discoloration and personal needs.

Arctic White System

Arctic white is another popular at home teeth whitening procedure. There are several steps to this tooth whitening system.

* The first step is to give teeth a really good cleaning to remove tartar with specially formulated toothpaste that is included.

* Then a thermoplastic tray that has been customized for each individual is used.

* A tooth conditioner is rinsed through the mouth to open the pores in the teeth.

* Whitening solution is then placed in the plastic tray. Whitening generally takes 9 minutes. A 6% solution of peroxide is the main ingredient used in the teeth whitening stage.

* A strengthening solution is then used to close the pores in the teeth and strengthen them.

White Strips

White strips are a very convenient way to whiten teeth. Pieces of flexible plastic made of polyethylene are coated on one side with hydrogen peroxide. Half of the white strips are made for the top of the teeth and the other half for the bottom. Treatment takes approximately 30 min per day for 7-14 days. This system is very convenient and can be used at any time of the day or night.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most effective methods of teeth whitening. It is also one of the most expensive. These procedures can only be performed by a qualified oral health care professional.


Bonding is the use of a resin molded into the teeth to change the color and shape of the existing tooth. This is quite an expensive procedure and it is possible that over time, the bonding may chip or crack. This procedure takes one visit for results and is only available from a qualified oral health care professional.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are a shell like coating that covers and bonds to stained teeth. Porcelain veneers are also used to reshape teeth as well as whiten them. Treatment usually requires 2 visits to an oral health care professional. This procedure is very effective but is the most expensive teeth whitening option.

Tooth Whitening Pastes

There are many whitening toothpastes available on the market some better than others. As a rule of thumb, whitening toothpastes are better than regular toothpastes for getting your teeth cleaner. This makes the teeth look whiter in the process. Be aware that some whitening toothpastes are abrasive and should be avoided. When choosing a whitening toothpaste, read the ingredients or speak to an oral health care professional for recommendations on what type of whitening toothpaste would suit you.

There are many teeth whitening options available. Some are better than others, some cheaper than others. When choosing a tooth whitening product or option be sure to speak to your oral health care professional about the associated risks and benefits. The best type of teeth whitening system depends a lot on your budget as well as your teeth. Since teeth are very personal and everyone has his or her own unique set of teeth, it is hard to recommend one particular method as different systems work better with some people than others.

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Author: : Greg Lietz, Written: November 28, 2006

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Tips To Make Teeth White

Many people have stained front teeth and they look bad when they smile or laugh. The stains may give the impression of bad oral hygiene but the cause may be somewhere else. It is important to understand the cause of the problem and try to find a long term or cosmetic cure. White teeth always look good and they enhance confidence levels and also one's personality. So let us strive for them.

Some possible causes of these dirty brown stains on the pearly white teeth may be identified as below. These are some common cause and your problem may be due to some totally other reason. In that case you are requested to consult a professional dentist. More than two cups of coffee a day can cause your white teeth to stain quickly. These brown stains manifest on the front teeth and are difficult to get rid of. Another common cause is, red wine. This red wine can quickly stain your teeth and the cosmetic cure can be really expensive .Smoking is another common cause of brown teeth. Look around , most long term smokers will have stained yellow teeth. Tobacco cause quick staining which is again very difficult to remove. Gum disease , infections and bad oral hygiene can also cause white teeth to turn yellow.

I suggest the following home remedies and basic dental care. If this does not work or the condition is chronic then you definitely need to consult a dentist. Or try a cosmetic dental treatment.

Reduce coffee and red wine intake and reduce smoking. This is a common sense and also good for your body. Try chewing raw vegetables, once a day. Raw vegetables are a healthy snack and they will also help in cleaning your teeth. Strawberries have a natural bleaching effect and are high on Vitamin 'C'. So have some every day. This is a 'tasty' healthy solution to the yellow teeth problem. Of course make sure, you are not allergic to them. Floss everyday. Stains form easily between teeth and flossing is an easy solution. Brush your teeth everyday, every 12 hours. Do ensue the bristles are not worn out. Change your brush regularly. Old worn out brushes just cannot brush away plaque forming bacteria and are useless.

Try a natural herbal cure :

Rub some burnt almond shell powder lightly on your front teeth, twice a day and check the results after a fortnight. You may be surprised! Try putting some raw common salt on your tooth paste before brushing. The fine grains of the salt will remove and reduce yellow stains and bring a white shine back to your teeth. Another home remedy that works with many kind of stains is to rub the teeth with a bay leaf, thrice a week. This seems to work for many people and is inexpensive.

If nothing works then:

Get your teeth professionally cleaned and polished by a dentist. Go for professional bleaching job after studying the pros and cons of the process. You may also try various bleaching packs and home teeth whitening systems. You may require these to maintain the white shine, especially if you cannot control smoking, coffee and red wine intake. Do read and understand the 'patented' process before rushing to buy some. A comparison between various options available in the market will definitely be beneficial.

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